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Distill your working knowledge into teachable content in just one weekend.

In this course, you'll learn how to create curriculum for adult learners.

You'll synthesize all your information – no matter how vast – and learn how to decide what stays, what goes, where things go and in what order, to deliver a world-class program.

This course is for you if you've been wanting to:

  • design a course (in-person or online)

  • ​​​​​​​create a workshop or retreat

  • move from one-on-ones to working with groups

  • re-focus and re-invigorate your work

I know that many intuitive practitioners, healers, and coaches often have so much embodied knowledge, they don't know where to start when it comes to offering their skill as an information product.

How do you take what's in your head and organize it all? How do you know what to edit? How do you decide what is beginner and what is advanced knowledge? When should you use video and when is written or audio more appropriate? What's the best way to present a "touchy feely" kind of topic that can sometimes be a bit hard to pin down? 

How do I take everything I do in a one-on-one session with a client and make it useful, replicable, and valuable in a broadcast format?

If you're struggling with this, I can relate. For years I was told I should create a course for intutitive development or at the very least write a book. I didn't feel like writing a book, though. Then a client who happened to be an adult education expert said, "I can help".

I'm a Type-A personality with a strong perfectionist streak, but I knew I'd found someone with the right combination of intellect and sensitvity to help me organize my work. Hooray!

Since then, I've created three online programs that have netted between four and five figures each at launch. They've continued to be a nice source of residual income for me and my family for the past four years.

When I lead in-person retreats, group programs and Quests, I'll earn anywhere from $1000 - $9000 a day. Which is amazing! 

But for every hour I teach, it's taken ten hours of planning and organizing. And my husband has probably put in another hour of tech or emotional support. And I've paid my web designer to pitch in when I don't have time to create marketing materials. I've hired support people to help with client care or admin.

And the marketing! OMG, the marketing. When there's a launch date, the stress can really mount. It's hard not to become preoccupied with it in the lead up to the big day. As you might imagine, my family dreads it.

So creating an online course, or a workshop, or a retreat, is not a project to undertake on a whim of inspiration. You can't pull together something really outstanding in your field in just a weekend.

But you can make a good, important start.

You can map out your curriculum, complete with troubleshooting strategies for your learners and bonus materials.

Once you do that, you'll be able to step back and see what you're working with. You'll have what you need to decide how you want to deliver, price, and market your offering.

I believe that well organized, compelling content demonstrates caring.

Yes, also expertise. Yes, efficacy. 

But the caring is the thing. It's about consideration.

I'm sure you want your students to get it, right? It's a terrible feeling for everyone involved when we don't have shared understanding.

How crestfallen do you feel when you ask, Are you with me? and are met with,

"I guess."

Helping people successfully integrate information they highly value is an act of love and service. It's a form of nurturance. It's connecting.

It's also a skill that can be learned, practiced and mastered.

"The simplicity and effectiveness of this course just blew my mind."

Vanessa Mentor

"It's affordable and you get so much out of it."

Ashley Bailey

"I am a healer, teacher, spiritual practitioner. My work is transformational + life changing in-person but accurately translating it into an online course has been nearly impossible for YEARS.
I've taken all kinds of internet courses from all kinds of internet teachers trying to make it happen and...they've all fallen short. Until now.
This morning I purchased and started Carmen's Teach Well course and it is EVERYTHING!"

L'Erin Alta

This course will show you how to:

  • Bring your topic into sharp focus
  • Set your students up for success by addressing the five Moments Of Need
  • Edit and organize your knowledge into concrete lesson plans
  • Create appropriate "help lines" for different types of learners
  • Transform what you do one-on-one into curriculum for group learning (whether online or in-person)

This course will NOT show you:

  • How to price, sell or market your course
  • Which delivery format or online learning platform is best for your unique content 
  • How to own your voice and step into the role of "Teacher"
  • How to heal your fear of being visible in the world
“Taking the Teach Well course with Carmen helped me map out my online course quickly and with total clarity in just one day after months of toiling on my own! The program was incredibly helpful, insightful and full of new learning.” 

Diane L.

This course won't turn you into a charismatic guru, but it will help you take what you do in one-on-ones that makes you so effective and share that with more people.

And when you learn the fundamentals of reaching more people more effectively, it will affect how you move through the world at large.

When I am organized and clear about what I want to say and why, I feel more confident. I feel strong. I feel unfuckable-with.

My hope is that by sharing these strategies, you will also feel more confident about amplifying your voice so more people can hear.

I also believe that when your message is clear, thoughtfully presented, and well supported, it travels further on its own; people get excited and talk about it. 

They become champions of your work. They quote you. They praise you and the work you're doing in the world by recommending it to others.

And that makes the job of offering your next course way easier.

This is a lifeskills course.

When you learn how to teach, you also learn how to speak, write, negotiate, lobby, advocate, broadcast, enlist, champion, engage, connect, and communicate more effectively.

I've used these principles and techniques for everything from crafting keynote speeches to delegating chores around the house. 

This is a fundamental framework for helping people to understand.

​​​​​​​Treat this like a working retreat.

With your notebook and pencil in hand, your laptop and wifi, you'll be able to knock this out in a weekend if you really focus.

You'll need wifi for this course because the content is not downloadable. You'll log in to the course, read a brief Lesson description, and then do the exercise.

How much time you devote to each Lesson depends on you, but on average I'd estimate 45-90 minutes.

This course consists primarily of written content, but learners with hearing impairment should be aware that there are two bonus guided meditation tracks, as well as two short videos (3 and 11 minutes) that are not subtitled. These components are complements to the core content.

You get instant access to all the course materials, and they're available for an internet lifetime. So, no rush.

I can't imagine what the internet will be like when I'm an old age pensioner. But currently, I have no intention of closing registration or limiting enrollment. There is nothing time-sensitive about this offer, other than:

As part of the launch of this course, I'm offering a free virtual co-working session.

Sunday, October 1, 2017
2:00pm - 3:30pm PST

We'll be using the Zoom video conference platform. I'll answer questions and offer feedback. We can tackle the tough parts. Together.

About me, Carmen Spagnola, creator of 
The Numinous School of Intuition
​​​​​​​The True Prosperity Program, and Intro to Tarot.

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I am an excavator. I unearth bullshit, whether it's distorted self-image, self-delusion, or self-sabotage, and support people in surfacing and managing the impacts of living with personal and cultural trauma. I'm also a speaker and teacher.

I am a practitioner of hypnotherapy, attachment and trauma healing, shamanic journeying, subtle somatics, ritual, ceremony, and the Tarot. 

In my work as a teacher and mentor, I help you find your footing in dark places. I help you read the signs and interpret the patterns of your life. I guide you to your inner resources. I draw out your gifts and your power. My great hope is that you'll use them to improve the lives of other beings and advocate for the earth.

The Curriculum

Lesson One: Who Needs To Know How To Do What?

Lesson Two: What's Critical?

Lesson Three: Craft A Thesis Query.

Lesson Four: What Do They Have To Know?

​​​​​​​Lesson Five: What Do They Have To Do?

Lesson Six: Organize And Edit. 

Lesson Seven: A.P.T.S. (Activity, Process, Task, Step)

Lesson Eight: The Five Moments Of Need

Lesson Nine: Create Help Lines.